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Tell tales.

Swear…is like cursing.


So what does it have to do with tell tales? As you all know, some stories have curse words like fuck, damn, idiot, etc. (Sorry I only have little knowledge about curses) But just so you know that this is such a sudden and random post.

Does it mean that whenever my friend exclaims this, “I swear” or “SWEAR!”…she’s cursing?

Oh my, I didn’t know that.

Good gracious! I must have a New Year’s Resolution’s Lists. Did it even happen? Well, for me…it don’t.


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Touch down.

There’s always a competition about everything. Like, for example, playing a stupid Facebook game called Robot Unicorn Attack. You can win, but it doesn’t mean that you’re always on top. Sometimes, people will let you down. They’re going to compete with you. And you needed to be aware of it. You must always be prepared to put your guards on because it’s not a guarantee that you’re always safe in your position.

Probably what happened was evitable because we all know that we can’t be on top forever. It’s just a matter of time for you to know who’s going to beat the hell out of you. Unfortunately, that time already came to me.  Sad to say, I am not on the top scores anymore. I can’t even find my name on the list, how the hell did it even disappeared?

It’s stupid. It’s all stupid…

Ugh. Who says that game was awesome?

I am not bitter. Definitely not.

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She was me.

I know I’ve seen her face, probably in my dreams. She really looks like me, my doppelganger? I closed my eyes and think about what had happened in my dream and whom I saw…

Danielle Amber Reese

She was one of those girls who seem to blend in the crowd. She doesn’t want anyone noticing her, especially since she belongs to those weird people. Some of the guys at her school make fun of her. They have said too many hurtful words like “Faggot”, “Weirdo”, “Junk”, etc. But she ignored it. She knows she was different from them. And she sure didn’t know why.  Not until she entered a school named Hogwarts. She met those girls namely Logan Ravenscaur, Laurice Odette, and Ann Jennyson. Those girls taught her to be tough; to even beat the hell out of the Malfoys.

She learned so many things, and in those few years she settled inside the dormitory of Gryffindor tower did she actually discover her real identity. She was a witch, even a powerful one. She belongs to the clan of Potter; only her name didn’t fit on theirs since it was changed when she was young. She knew that in the Muggle world, she had read a book about him. But she didn’t believe those things, not until she saw those magic tricks.

It was after 19 years did the name Harry Potter was tainted again. And it happened because of her. It was her fault, they said. She didn’t know that her phoenix wand would actually bring a great catastrophe to the students of Hogwarts. That guy from Slytherin told her about those spells which she had performed. It was that curse spell that hadn’t said 19 years ago. And it hurt too many people, even her friends.

“Amber!” she heard her name being said. She turned around and saw Logan running towards her. “What have you done?” She saw the tears coming from her eyes. “I..I..didn’t know..” She faltered; she was so damn scared she can’t even speak the right words. Logan slapped her hard in the face, “I thought you were good.” And then ran. She stared into the space where her friend had vanished. What had she done?

All this time she didn’t know she was being someone she doesn’t want to be. All this time her mind was being corrupt by those devil whispers she’s hearing, and now that the damaged was done, she can’t do anything about it.

She sure has known to be Amber. ‘Her eyes as precious as a gold’ Hagrid had described her amber eyes once. But right now, her eyes were as pale as a snake. Why can’t they believe her?

Even Hagrid, who once saw her as a precious one, now was looking at her as if she was as filthy as a rat. She didn’t betray them. She was possessed. But no one wants to believe her. Not even her friends whom she thought would trust her.

…I opened my eyes and knew who she was. She was me. I was living in another world – a fantasy. Like Alice who was on her Wonderland. Surely, mine wasn’t as wonderful as hers. Though before I thought it was really beautiful to be in there, but I’ve discovered that I wasn’t really possessed. I wasn’t really as good or as bad as they thought me to be. They were merely not willing to accept who I am, even believe what am I really saying. I thought they were good friends of mine, but it seems like that’s a fallacy. I am not the betrayer. I was the one who was betrayed. I don’t deserve that slap.

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It’s distressing. I know I should’ve done something…better.

Carter Mason’s life was so much fun, with a father who’s a major of some secret agency and a best friend who’s a princess of an infamous island. It’s what you call adventure peeps.

Not a bummer.

What a geeky Dee, next time I am gonna write some interesting stuffs foe you Deeeeeeeeeeeeee. I know you misses some crazy stuffs.

Pfft. Talk about my diary – dee, by the way.

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Foe once.

I can’t write. I don’t know what to write. I am out of words. I’ve been trying to think of what to write so I can update my blogs (and let people know that this is crazy), but I come up with none…



What? Give me some. I always talk about some craps and stuffs which was soooooo gibberish.

I am so done with my life. It’s boring. I don’t have much fun. I don’t laugh anymore. But I know I have reasons to live. It’s just that…it’s always predictable. Don’t you think?

My life is always predictable.

And it’s not so cool anymore…Wait a second…

When did I ever become cool?

Look, I know how I always look down at myself and write craps like these ‘cause I don’t have anything good to do with my life. But yeah, you’re right. And I am still going to repeat it. The same words; the same meaning.

Let’s just say that I am never good at anything.

Not even singing, even if I can sing great – not that I am bragging that (but people just don’t know).

I am not best at writing, nor accounting and law…even if I am doing what I can.

I am just a nobody…well, I was wishing that I can somehow be a prodigy of a sort…

For once

Not foe once.

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I am sure I’m going to regret that I didn’t even open my books and made some advance study this Christmas break.

I am soooo sure of it! Wanna bet?

I can’t help it. I hate myself sometimes.

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