Better quality of service can lead to customer satisfaction

22 Dec

Marketing is about satisfying the needs and wants of the customers in a profitable way. Analyzing and evaluating the buying behavior of their consumers would give rise to the actionable solutions that businesses might render as effective. Addressing the demands of the consumers through better service is what the companies should develop in order for them to keep up with the changing behavior of their customers. Using market segmentation to know the best target would help them in arranging their products at their target place.

According to Driggs (2009), “Consumers are demanding that companies know them and provide customer service representatives armed not only with appropriate training but also the resources to address customer concerns in an effective, efficient manner…” The goal of a business is to satisfy their customers and the best way to do it is to listen to what the customers says. The demand of the consumers is in lieu of the service that companies provided to them. For example, in a situation where in a customer was shopping inside the shoe store, a sales lady must always assists their customers in a polite and nice way. What if the case was, the customer was there for hours fitting a dozen pairs of shoes already and still hadn’t chose what the best pair is or what if the customer was irritating. Instead of being annoyed, the sales lady must always have good patience when dealing with galling customers. Improving the service of the sales staffs would definitely attract the customers and as a result, it would increase the sales of the company.

To maintain the good sales of a company, keeping track on the changing pattern of the consumer behavior can lead to understanding the important consumer issues that should be given focus. As cited by Wollan (2010), “Companies that want to keep in step with, or even get a step ahead of, the changing customer landscape must actively embrace analytics and adhere to shoe four principles…” Looking briefly and examining the underlying patterns of consumer behavior would actually result to information that companies might use as a constructive data to improve the quality of their service and products that would be in favor for their customers. In the example above, what if the customer was only having a bad day which is the reason for her temperamental. The sales staffs should always try to understand the changing behavior of their customers.

Meanwhile, companies should be responsive to the altering taste of the new generation today. This segment was the most complex to identify among the consumers. As stated by Harris in Marketing (2010), “So many brands expect the audience to go out of their way to engage, but this audience is in too much of a hurry…” Being flexible to the varying activities of the said consumers must be given importance. In giving good quality of service, the business should not only focus to the entire customers but also to the various segments like the young audience. Proving to them that businesses can respond to their intricate demands would surely catch their attention and as an outcome, it would certainly lead to a good customer satisfaction.

As a result from the research about the consumer behavior, a business can figure out the concerns and interests of their consumers. Developing the marketing strategies of a company through better quality of service might be a good idea in meeting the expectations of the customers. As what was proven earlier, consumers were in favor of shopping only if the staffs provide them with good personal service. Indeed, an effective quality of service can lead to customer satisfaction.


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