Befriend with an awesome one.

23 Dec

Summary: The beginning says it all. How can something so cruel happened to someone like her? How can you cope up with an unrequited likeness? Well, ice cream can mend it.

It was a very beautiful summer day, when all was calm and the weather’s okay.

Then suddenly on a not so far away, Anne saw her best friend Dannie sitting alone on a porch.

“Hey there loser, what’s up?” She beamed at her. But Dannie frowned, “You’re very right, I am such a loser.” Anne suddenly got panicked.

“You know I am kidding, so why are you sulking here?” She reassured her.

“Because I felt as if the world’s betrayed me. I felt so alone, like there’s no one to turn around…” Dannie said, casting her head low.

“Am I invisible? Can’t you see that I am here? You’re not alone. And don’t ever think like that. Really, what’s the problem?” Anne hold Dannie’s chin up high, staring straight into her eyes.

But Dannie was hesitated to tell, she stood up and sighed. Anne waited for her to say something, she just remained silent and sat on the porch.

“It was an unrequited love, but not so unrequited since I felt that I was somewhat special. But not as special as Samantha.” Dannie suddenly told her, but Anne understood what she meant about it. Dannie sniffed, “I don’t even know why am I crying, I’m such a drama queen don’t you think? I must not cry because I would look stupid….and yeah, I am stupid now.”

Anne put her arms around her best friend. Comforting her she told, “No, you’re not stupid. In fact, Samuel is the stupid one for not seeing the best in you.”

Dannie sighed, and wiped the wet marks on her face. “You know you’re right, he’s jerk and all. I must not whine like this. But I can’t help it, being his friend and being there when he needed a shoulder to lean on.”

“Don’t do anything that’s beyond reasonable. Besides, there are many fishes in the sea. But promised me you won’t let it grow, because you’re hurting yourself if you did. You can be a friend to him, but no more than that.” Anne told her, sounding like a big mother.

Dannie silently think about that, swallowing every single word that Anne told her.

“Yeah, you must be right. You show me the light on this dark pavement.” Dannie smiled, and give Anne a warm hug. “Thankee!” She told her and poked her in the nose.

“Aw, that hurts!” Anne began on acting like it hurts so much. Dannie laughed until she’s rolling on the floor.

“That’s the spirit girl! You brought me back Dannie. Stand up! You’re dirtying your clothes.” Anne told her, holding her hands on her waist.

“Okaaay missie. You’re sounding like my mum.” Dannie told her playfully.

“Anyways, why we were talking about boys a while ago? We’re not like that. Especially you, you’re a man hater among the rest.” Anne said, almost smirking. Dannie just stared at her, realizing how Anne was so right about it.

Anne beamed again, “You know let’s not talk about Mr. Jerkins, come on let’s eat an ice cream! It’s my treat since you’re such a loser and all.”

Dannie smiled and rolled her eyes, “Fine. Indulge me.”

And then they walked outside under this beautiful summer day.

PS: I don’t own the names.

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