The Notebook.

23 Dec

Summary: Her secrets has been spilled because of her doodles. Yet, she doesn’t even realized it. Until later…

Dannie’s POV.

We were seated on a bench, I was holding out my notebook when suddenly someone snatched it.

“Hey!” I suddenly shout, looking for the one who grab my notebook.

“Can I borrow it, please?” A boy behind me suddenly appeared, making those puppy eyes.

“Fine, just give it back after you used it. I still needed to review on our test.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Sure.” He said, sitting beside Andrei who’s seated on my right.

“Dannie, you promised me last night you’ll help me about this. So, discussed this to me.” Said Andrei, pointing to me the topic he’s confused with.

“Oh you’re very demanding, this? Um… Kinds of phrases? Ahh..Ummm.” I said, while putting my forefinger under my chin, thinking deep. I know the meaning, but I can’t put it into words. “You know if you want to learn, just ask Rich. I can’t explain it well, sorry!” I finally said.

Andrei looks disappointed, but do what I told him anyways.

Minutes passed by, and I start humming any random songs that popped out of my head. People came, even my friends and classmates. They began talking and asking questions. I am still seated there, silent and bored. Reviewing and browsing pages on my notebook.

I stole a glance at Samuel’s side. His features was a mixed of confusion, he was so baffled about something that he read. Maybe he’s trying to understand the topic that he’s reading, how determined. He’s so cute, I thought.

“Who’s cute?” Andrei suddenly told me, following my gaze. I slapped him on his shoulder, until he focused his attention to me. “Oh nothing, there’s a bug can’t you see?” I said, smiling sheepishly.

Andrei tried to examine me, eyeing me while holding his shoulder. “That hurts. You’re such a sadistic Dannie.”

“Sorry, seriously there’s a big bug there. Just be thankful I killed it before it bites you.” I said with puppy look on my eyes.

“I knew it.” Andrei scowled at me, and then turned back to what he’s doing. I know the words he told me had deep meanings behind, but I won’t think about it because there’s a test today and I don’t want to confuse myself.

He’s such an observant one, wait what type of a listener is he? I thought. Aww, where’s my English notebook anyway? Another thought, I make sure it’s not said loudly.

I tried to find it everywhere, asking my classmates if they saw it. Until someone patted me on the shoulder and just said, “You’re notebook.”

I turned around, and grabbed the notebook. I looked up, and was shocked to see Samuel.Oh, I must forgot that he borrowed it, I thought. But what’s make me so confused is that, his face was frowning. Gee, I never even said a word.

“Come on Andrei, let’s go.” He said, without even looking at me.

I scowled inwardly, he’s such a stupid psycho. Mood swings.

He never looked back, I was hoping he would even say “Thank You Dannie for lending me your notebook.” Or much shorter like a simple “Thanks!”. But no, there’s none. Even a single smile, even a wave of goodbye.

I was right to name him after Mr. Jerkins.

PS: I don’t own the names.

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