Letter to Juliet.

24 Dec

Sequel to Merry Christmas, John and Another Christmas Carol.

Summary: They said that many things happened inside the coffee shop, well, Savannah thought how stupid of them to think up with such a clichéd place. She just didn’t know that something least likely expected might happen there once she found out about the letter…

POV: Savannah.

Category: Romance

Everyone was preparing for the Christmas Eve. People were buzzing around inside the Wal-Mart looking for delicious foods they were going to share while waiting for Christmas to come. Even the laughter of the children from playing snowball fight outside was echoing through the walls of this coffee shop. I noticed how Starbucks was cramped up with sweet couples sharing their stories and probably, reminiscing the old Christmases they’ve been together. As for me, I am alone here reading while sipping the hot espresso I ordered ten minutes ago.

Today, nothing unusual happened. I thought. But something was bothering me all along. It’s 24th. And I am alone. I’ve always been alone when it came to Christmas; well, not really until last year. I don’t know why but there’s a weird feeling inside my gut. I can feel that there’s something that might happen. I just don’t know what that thing is. I stared at my surroundings and wondered what could possibly it is.

Instead of thinking what odd thing might happen, I stood up and browsed the small library located at the far end corner not long enough walk from where I sat. I scanned the books and come up with…

“A Christmas Carol”, I muttered. Well, this book is awesome, I wonder. I might as well read it again.

When I opened the first page, something caught my attention on a little far corner of the shelf, and when I look closer I saw a small heart shaped – a letter. I took the letter and place it inside my pocket. I go back to where I sat and noticed how a dozen of people were added up to the crowd inside. I sighed and sit down. I placed the small letter in front of me and wondered what could possibly written on it, or how in the world someone put it in there.

What’s inside the letter? I have no idea.

As if curiosity suddenly kicked on, I opened it and started reading…

Dear Savannah,

I know it was coward of me to leave without explaining why I left. When I stepped on your front door last Christmas, I felt so damned scared to face you.  It’s the fear of the unknown that kept me from saying things I should have said a year ago. I know I shouldn’t be a jerk like that, leaving without giving an explanation. But I can’t help it. I thought it was the right thing to do, to run away. But when I think about it right now, I realized that I shouldn’t have done that. I know I hurt you a lot but I just wish to let you know that, if there’s a chance that I could go back and make things right.  I would have kissed and hug you and tell you that I loved you. But I didn’t do that. Instead, I ran away.

I know you do not feel the same way about me anymore. I saw how you cope up with your broken heart and how someone already healed it. I know I am not in the place of your heart any longer.

But please for one last chance, turned around so you can hear what I’ve been dying to tell you all along.

With love,


A tear escaped from my eyes as I closed the letter and turned around…

“I am sorry.” He murmured towards me. I looked up and meet his gaze, “Why say it now?” I snapped at him. I wasn’t feeling great, actually, I was feeling kind of livid. I know I should be happy that he is in here now, but I don’t feel that. Instead, what I felt was pure loathing.

“You got the guts to show around your face in here, huh? You left. You shouldn’t have come back because there’s no reason for you to do that.” I glowed at him.

“I have reason, it’s you Savannah.” He pleaded to me, when he was about to take my hand, I shook it and slapped him in the face. “Well, sorry to say this but, no one’s waiting for you.” I turned around and gathered my things. I was about to walk out of the shop when he grabbed my arm and hold me tight.

“Let go of me, John.” I whispered, as another tear fell from my eyes. “We’re over.” He let go of my hand as I faced him while I’m shuddering. “You shouldn’t come back. I am happy, see? My life without you is ecstatic. Please, let go of me…” I murmured.

He stared at me while contemplating whether he should let me go or not. “Savannah…” He whispered to me.

“No, John.” I turned around and finally walk away. “Good bye” I muttered.

The shop was buzzing with people, and John was standing in the middle of the crowded place. Still thinking if what he heard was right, but I am determined with my decision.

As I watched the other couple hold hands while walking, I crumpled the letter I have read a while ago. He’s lying.  I know that of course, I saw his pictures. I saw how happy he was without me. I saw how he got married. I saw the look in his eyes and know that he forgot about me. But I don’t know why he came back…

I sighed and throw away the crumpled paper in the air as far as it could be. I looked up at the stars and wondered how a small shiny thing can look so beautiful yet so far away…

“Merry Christmas.” I murmured. And just like that, I felt like it was kind of déjà vu again. But no, I hope it’s not. As I hold out my hand to see if I can touch the sky, a hand pulled me over and hugged me, tight.

I know who he is. But I won’t say more. “I saw you there, that was…great.”

“You think so, Chase?” And hugged him back – my best friend.

I am not alone anymore.

PS: I don’t own the names.

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