Like a unicorn.

26 Dec

I remember how Agnes was so fond of unicorn. And me too, it’s just that. We’re talking about a different unicorn here. While she was hooked up with the feeling of a fluffy unicorn, I am certainly doting on an intangible game called Robot Unicorn Attack.

Like what I said earlier, it’s the only game I had fun playing in Facebook. But now it seems boring too.

Anyways, I was wondering about life again. How can I compare it to the game Robot Unicorn Attack?

Well, as you can see…

In the game, all the unicorn did was to run and hit the stars while also getting the power thingy(or fairies, as some other people says) for added points. If you hit the star, you would get hundred points. But if you failed to hit it and  you collided with it or knocked over in a wall or something, you would die. Don’t worry, ’cause you still can avoid the stars – but no more additional points for it. So, it’s your loss too.

In real life, there were some obstacles we try to hit and as a result, we get extra credits or rewards for facing those obstacles. But most of us choose to avoid it. When I am playing the game, I always notice how I manage to avoid the star. Sometimes, it’s frustrating ’cause I know I can’t get extra points and the screen got faster and faster. Most of the times, I just felt thankful for not hitting it because I’ll only risk the life of my unicorn since it’s so close to a wall or some other obstacles near the star.

In real life too, it’s not applicable. We don’t die when we got hit by an obstacle – well, not if it’s tangible or something like a truck.

But if you want to win the game of life, all you had to do was to face the obstacles and hit it with all your energy. Like what I was doing right now, facing the obstacles of my life. But nearly hitting it.

Well, in reel life, I did that. Which is why I’m on the top score of the game, and some people were trying to beat me.

Good luck folks 🙂

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