Hey you, Miranda.

27 Dec

I am so done admiring Taylor Swift, FM Static, Hayley Williams, and Demi Lovato. Right now, I am hooked up with the songs of Miranda Cosgrove. Yes, but who is she? Seriously, are you familiar with her name?

Remember the film School of Rock? She played as Summer Hathaway, the coolest girl there – for me huh. It’s where I got familiar with her name. And she’s currently playing as Carly on iCarly show at Nickelodeon. Cool stuffs, right? She even voice as Margo on the best cartoon movie for me, which is Despicable Me by the way.

So, whatever, I just thought it would be nice to copy some quotations from School of Rock with Dewey Finn(Jack Black) and Summer Hathaway(Miranda Cosgrove).

Summer Hathaway: Groupie?
Dewey Finn: What’s the matter?
Summer Hathaway: You want me to be a groupie?
Dewey Finn: Well… a groupie’s an important job.
Summer Hathaway: I researched groupies on the Internet.They’re sluts!They sleep with the band!
Dewey Finn: No, that’s not true. They’re like cheerleaders.

Miranda rocks 🙂 I sooo love her songs, including Kissing You (which I played ten times a while ago) About you now (cool song, she’s cute on the vid), and Hey You ( a very inspiring song btw).

Wait, there’s more? I adore Miranda Cosgrove. Hopefully, I become like her – a singer, or a pop/rock star I guess? Her voice is sooooo soothing. It lulls me to sleep, though its rock.

What a fudging smell.

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