Kissing You.

27 Dec

Kissing You – Miranda Cosgrove

Sparks fly
It’s like electricity
I might die
When I forget how to breathe
You get closer and there’s
No where in this world I’d rather be
Time stops
Like everything around me
Is frozen
And nothing matters but these
Few moments when you open my mind to things
I’ve never seen


Cause when I’m kissing you
My senses come alive
Almost like the puzzle piece
I’ve been trying to find
Falls right into place
You’re all that it takes
My doubts fade away
When I’m kissing you

When I’m kissing you
It all starts making sense
And all the questions
I’ve been asking in my head
Like are you the one should I really trust
Crystal clear it becomes
When I’m kissing you

Past loves
They never got very far
Wall’s up, made sure
I guarded my heart
And I promise I wouldn’t do this till
I knew it was right for me

But no one (no one)
No guy that I met before
Could make me (make me)
Feel so right and secure
And have you noticed
I lose my focus
And the world around me disappears

Repeat Chorus
I’ve never felt nothing like this
You’re making me open up
No point in even trying to fight this
It kinda feels like it’s love

Repeat Chorus

PS: I hate it when I can’t even copy the audio here. It sucks. Just click on the above link if you’re interested to listen to this beautiful song.

Miranda rocks! \m/

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