27 Dec

Why is it that everything seems to be so hard yet some people carry themselves like it was so easy to handle? Why is it that when you thought everything would be fine, it turns out to be so wrong? Why is it that people were not contented with themselves, and sometimes, they even compare themselves to other people, and other people compare themselves to others? Why does insecurity and doubt even discovered?

Why can’t we be like, “Don’t ever ask some stupid questions like these.”?

We confuse ourselves with so many questions that we fail to see what’s really essential. But sometimes, we can’t help being haunted by those queries.

We’re humans. Which is why I am here blogging all about this because as a human, this is what I thought and maybe other people thought the same way as I am. It’s in our nature…to ask.

To become inquisitive. Yet sometimes, it may bring you harm.

Curiosity killed the cat. But why? Well, I know there’s a story behind it. I just don’t know why.


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Posted by on December 27, 2010 in Doomsday


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