Foe once.

28 Dec

I can’t write. I don’t know what to write. I am out of words. I’ve been trying to think of what to write so I can update my blogs (and let people know that this is crazy), but I come up with none…



What? Give me some. I always talk about some craps and stuffs which was soooooo gibberish.

I am so done with my life. It’s boring. I don’t have much fun. I don’t laugh anymore. But I know I have reasons to live. It’s just that…it’s always predictable. Don’t you think?

My life is always predictable.

And it’s not so cool anymore…Wait a second…

When did I ever become cool?

Look, I know how I always look down at myself and write craps like these ‘cause I don’t have anything good to do with my life. But yeah, you’re right. And I am still going to repeat it. The same words; the same meaning.

Let’s just say that I am never good at anything.

Not even singing, even if I can sing great – not that I am bragging that (but people just don’t know).

I am not best at writing, nor accounting and law…even if I am doing what I can.

I am just a nobody…well, I was wishing that I can somehow be a prodigy of a sort…

For once

Not foe once.

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