01 Jan

So that’s how it feels when you’re cramming.

It’s like I wanna stop the time so I could do everything I should have done before.

Like, studying, for example. We’ll have our quiz in accounting on the very second day of class, which is January 4 by the way.

And I heard today from my classmate that we need a narrative report for Mrs. Perez – which I forgot who she was, until I asked my friend. It’s our prof in macro! And I kinda don’t like the subject matter…it’s boring.

Well, at least good stuffs happened to me…

Did I told you that my New Year was awesome? Well, quite frankly, I didn’t like the taste of the red wine with an alcohol content. I prefer the non-alcohol my mum bought last Christmas.

So anyways, I can’t do anything for tonight ’cause I am busy and I won’t be at home.

Guess what? It’s 1-1-11 today.

Hope that means luck.

I hate being a procrastinator, but I can’t help it.

“The more pictures you posts on facebook, the more likely you’ll be murdered.” Greattttttt.

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