Take the risk and let it be.

23 Jan

I remember when I had a crush on someone, it felt really good. But after months of knowing him…I realized how much time I’ve wasted doting on someone who doesn’t really deserve it.

It’s the feeling of attraction and something I am not sure that made me stay and also stay away. It’s also the first time I felt it, caring for someone who doesn’t give a crap. But then later on when I am not blind anymore, I realized how stupid it is.

I realized that love is totally different from infatuation. I, as teenager who once had a crush when I was fifteen, became aware that if someone loves  you he will take the risk and let it be.

I never felt that “like at first sight” again. But I am still wishing and hoping that someday, I would know if he already came or soon will come.

Even though it seems totally cliche, I am still waiting for the one to sweep me off my feet. Then I would take the risk and let it be.

Just like in stories.

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