Don’t assume.

25 Jan

Because when you assume something, you’ll only be disappointed. So never assume.

You’re making an ass out of u and me. And that’s gross…totally.

What’s up? I should study now. Seriously, yesterday I felt so weary…

…and now what? Hmmmm. It was funny how some people errr…never mind.

Almost all of my friends have problems right now and I like to help them but I don’t know how. Every time I hear them talk about heart-breaking stories I feel guilty because I don’t know how to comfort a friend. Maybe I am not a good friend? Once they start sharing their own dramas they were being serious with it since they won’t be caught saying things like what I am doing right now..and that’s saying something.


Why is it that my posts before sounds like I’m a hopeless romantic? Creepy. Maybe next time when I had some good stories to share I’ll write it here. But right now? “I’ve got nothing…kinda…maybe…sorta.” as Mitchie Torress says.

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