29 Jan

Student + Tedious = Stedious

I feel miserable. For this week, all I did was to face my books and study. I hadn’t thought that I will keep my promise to Face-my-book instead Facebook. Wow. It must be the first time that I did study like this. And it will hurt me “big time” if I failed on that subject.

Maybe I am going back to being normal student again who’s somewhat grade conscious. No worries about other things except studying. No more funny moments but tedious life of reading. No more bonding with friends and gossips. No more…complicated feelings.

Just plain old boring life I am facing every day.

I am so occupied on how to cope up with what I missed to do this Christmas vacation that I failed to think about my friends, even my family for a while. I felt like what I am doing was something a robot would do. Well, robots were luckier than me. At least they don’t get tired.

There is NO FUN with it. NONE at all.

What would it be like this summer? I was hoping that my New Year’s wish would happen.

I miss being a teenager. Oh crap, only few months remain and I would totally turn into a…debutante.

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