Planted trees.

30 Jan

“Trees were planted far from each other so it can spread its branches and mature.”

I am once told that I am genuine, a perfect model of innocence. Slowly, my eyes open to the masks of the world that it was hiding…the reality beneath its shadows. I wanted to bring back the time when I knew nothing about the truth. I wanted to hide under the spells of the book I had read. But something tells me that I needed to grow up, to be mature, and to go out of a shell that I’d been living at. Behind my dull brown eyes, you could see the curiosity I held for these past few years. And I’d been questioning, what does contentment is all about? We always want more. So it seems that it is impossible for us to be satisfied.

Over the rainbows…that’s where I want to go. 🙂

The world is full of experts, people say that they know everything there is to know about life, and death. Those experts, they’re just liars. They say that facial expression is a window to someone’s emotions. They were wrong.

Yesterday I frowned. Today I smiled. What would it be tomorrow?

I’ve posted this one before on my older blogs, and I want to post it again. Something wrong with it? 🙂

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