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Redheads and weirdness.

I’m wondering why do Redheads like Ronald Weasley and Travis Clark hate spiders.

What’s with spiders and redheads? So last night I hadn’t sleep early (or should I say sleep at night since I slept at 4am in the morning) because of Travis Clark. I visited his site: and I discovered he’s weird…in a funny way.

I enjoyed reading his blog posts and I laughed at his pictures. I also liked his personal songs posted on his site! As in grreaaat

I’m in love with We The Kings now. =))) I like weird people like him.

Now I’m going to see this site of Elliot (though I wonder who he is): since basically, he’s got a lot of weirdness going on his brains too.

What a weird people. Do weird people make blogs? Yayyy I love my weirdness

PS: Greaaattt. Now I want to have a band on my own with my best of friends so we can tour around the world!

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To do or not to do?

I was wondering if I would do that bloody hell of a comprehensive reviewer. It’s due 2 weeks from now and I hadn’t started anything…yet.

I’m still asking myself, “Is it worth it?” Will my effort go into waste? Or will it be worth it in the end? I  hope soo… After all, I took the risk. I gamble my dignity and ego when I didn’t drop the subject. Even though at the back of my mind I was saying, “Do you really think you’ll pass? Just go and drop it!” But no, I pushed the idea away. I was being optimistic, like one of my classmates. I was being stubborn. I believe too much in myself and in my ability…and yea, I know somehow I regret it.

And it sucks so baaaaaad. It’ll be the first time that I’ll ever had a fail grade. NOOOOO! I must think positive. After all, I took the gamble…

So be it…

But, how should I start? He told us this, “Remember: Substance over Form.”

Yea yea I know. I just don’t know how. I am not in your level sir. I am just…me.

Typical me.

Brainless me. Just ME! Ugh gosssh

I hate it…I thought it was a loooooooooong weekend. But guess what?I wasted this loooooooooooooong weekend. And tomo’s I’m going back to Manila. Not again.

Urgghghh. I feel like I’m sjfhkfsdjfdldf!

Btw, I miss TSwift songs. I remember Fifteen was one of my favorites. I played it thousand times…and now, I’m seeing the MTV. So cooool! Love her hair here 🙂

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Of blending in.

“You should blend in.” I told them this. “Why?” They asked.

I turned around, “Why? Because that’s how you can survive…this life, the one you’re living at, it’s full of shit right? Well, maybe you’re happy now, but what about tomorrow? Would you still be happy? Would you still have that smile on your face? No, right? Happiness is not constant. Happiness is bullshit

Those people out there, they were just pretending that they really care for you, that they understand you. But the truth is – no one really cares. Not even your parents. Not even your siblings. Not even your friends, and especially not that someone special. They don’t understand how you feel, and they never will. It kind of sucks, right?

So the only reasonable thing that you can do is to blend in…that’s what you’re doing all your life, right? You’re blending in…and that kinds of suck. How did I know that you are? Think about it, have you ever stopped yourself doing something you really like? What makes you stop it? Because of what other people will think of you? Because they won’t like it? Is that so? Well then, you’re blending in…that’s good. Great, seriously. You’re blending in – in a way that they won’t know what you desire. In a way that they can accept you…

We all live by the expectations of others. We depend our happiness on them because we can’t be happy by ourselves. And that totally sucks…since, WHY? Why can’t we? Why do we need to blend in? Because we’re scared of feeling that loneliness again? We’re scared of being unwanted? Why can’t we be ourselves, just once?

Well, if you’re going to ask me if I was blending in. I’d say, yes I do. I always do. I’m kind of used to it by now…blending in. Kind of sucks too…as in totally sucks.”

Yeaaa righttt

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Of dying.

I don’t want to die young. I still want to explore this world. It’s awesomeness.

I still want to feel how to fall in love and be loved in return.

I still have so many dreams in life…dreams for myself, for my family, for my friends.

I don’t want to die young, when there’s so many years left for me to use.

I don’t want to die not knowing I actually did nothing good.

If ever I’ll die, I want to do something BIG that would change everyone’s life.

I want to leave a mark on this world.

I don’t want to die today, or tomorrow. Or any other days now.

I don’t want to die without even saying goodbye.

I am not ready to.


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Of whatnots and beeshauns.

It doesn’t make sense, isn’t it?


The funny thing about blogging is, you asked yourself too many questions. You ask yourself, but then, how will you answer? Of course, you try to look…yes you look, but you failed to experience. You wonder but you never take a chance – that stupid chance served in front of you.

You missed two, no but maybe three? And you damned well know that the last one was far better than the first two. Its seven out of ten, you said. You rated it. You told your friend that, and she said “So how come you turn it down?”

Because you’re scared, you’re scared of the unknown. You’re scared of facing these shits and lies and dramas. You told them it’s nothing. It is nothing – if only you didn’t try to stop it, again. It will be nothing, if you didn’t take control of the things.

Of course, that’s how you were in the first place. Turning it down without a second thought. Oh, maybe there’s a second thought – but then your ego decided for you. So, how are you now?

How are you supposed to know the answer now? You’ve been asking yourself too much questions. You’re not exploiting and there’s a saying that “You should.”

Because “It’s the chance meetings that matters the most. It’s the chance meetings that ended up changing your life.”

Maybe, when you are ready, you’re going to say “Yes!”

How would it feel if you do? Who knows? The future’s near, you should think twice before you decide.

Don’t miss another chance. You’ll know when’s the right time.

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What’s bothering jsfjkf?

“What’s up?”


“Why do you looked…bothered?”

“What’s the matter with that?”

“Is there a problem? What’s it?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Hey dude of course we want to know.”

“Yea we do…tell us.”

“What really happened?”

“I don’t know…”

“Tell us. Please? You can count on us – ”

”  – yea you can!”


“Okay. So I’m bothered. You’re right.”

“With what?”

“With…I don’t know, perhaps with everything?”

“Silly, what’s with that?”

“Ohmigosh, isitaboutaboy?”


“I’m right! It is!”

“So…what happened?”

“It’s my decision. I neglected him.”


“You neglect him? Is he cute or something – ”

“Shut up!”

“Fine, just sayin – ”

“I miss him.”

“Miss who? Gosh. Darn. You’re such a dumb sometimes, you know that?”

“Yea I agree. You let go of someone you…what, care?”

“No. It’s not that. I miss the way we were before…”

“But things change, then?”

“And people too.”

“Yea…I fucked up.”

“Me too.”

“I totally agree.”

“Great, so we’re all bothered?”



“You know what? Let’s forget about it. Move on.”

“Totally move on…”

“What’s up with you and your ‘totally’ words?”

“Shut up.”

“It’s annoying!”

“You’re annoying – ”

“Hey can you both please shut up, for once?”

“Yea sorry.”

“Well you deserved it – ”


“So…what now?”

“Perhaps I should…let go? Move on? Be happy?”

“Yeahhh riggghtt” *sarcasm*

“As if you can. It’s hard to let go of people you love – ”

” – especially your friend.”

“Is he your friend or something?”

“He’s a…friend.”

“Wow, that’s totally cool. You guys are obsessed!”

“Hey, I’ve heard that line.”

“From where?”

“Camp Rock.”

*Goes out*

“Where did she go?”

“I don’t know. She forgot her ice cream!”

“Come on, let’s dig into it!”

“What’s bothering her, anyway?”

“You’re so dumb sometimes.”

“Am not.”

“Yes you are – ”

” – am not!”

“Yes – ”


*Slams the door*

“You forgot your ice cream!”


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