Of missing the old days.

05 Feb

It’s been two years since I last saw some of my close friends…and yeah, I miss them so much.

Let’s say that, I have two cute and funny friends who were cousins, a guy and a girl.  We have this called great friendship since we kind of get along well and we understand each other… we totally look like 100 since I am so thin and they’re both…chubby but cute. When we entered in college, we enrolled in different schools – the guy is in UP, the girl is in UST, and I’m in Beda. Yeah I know their schools were better than mine but mine was awesome and fun…We haven’t seen each other for years which is why I doubt if our get-together during high school was real. Seems like a hundred years go for me. 😦

Why is it that sometimes, I found myself wanting to forget about the past (or my so-called high school life) and move on? What’s about it that makes me want to hide, and bury all of the memories? Though its  roots molded me into who I am right now.

Partly because I am shy and have “few” friends…in short, I am a geek and loner.

And partly because I am hideous that I felt bad for myself so I shunned people away from my life…

But it looks like everything’s changed right now, isn’t it? I am a late bloomer, and I don’t flaunt it. Let’s just say that I have acquired a few suitors for these past 2 years and well, I haven’t chose anyone among them.

Maybe because I want to feel this crazy little thing called…love.

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