Just like any “other” days.

12 Feb

When you’re bummed. And worst thing that can ever happened is:

You woke up late for your make up class. It’s supposed to be 7am, but you woke up at 8am…

Even though you’re late, your professor is late too. But he’s earlier than you.

It’s break time when you got to school, lucky for you, it’s your breakfast time.

You forgot to say goodbye to your old classmate, though it’s not a big deal…but it’s rude.

This is totally embarrassing: While eating with your friends (Bry and Nhell) you ‘got this feeling’ which is supposed to be your “call of nature” and yea…you excused yourself and left your half-eaten food.

When you get home, you forgot your laptop charger and its battery so now you’re wondering if the one you’re using right now fits its plug on your laptop.

You’re wasting your time in front of the laptop (sister’s).

And now, you’re supposed to feel bored when you should be studying for a change?

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Posted by on February 12, 2011 in Meet the Geeky Dee


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