Acting Up.

19 Feb

It was a novel written by Melissa Nathan (+). One that I read this past few weeks. It was splendid. Great story. Especially the hot director, Hollywood heartthrob-actor, Harry Noble. What a noble name!

Jasmin Field knows how to judge people. After all, she does it on a weekly basis in her columns in a women’s magazine Hurrah! She might be a bit cynical, but that’s the price one pays for deep knowledge of fellow human beings: and people-watching is such fun!

Jasmin is very likeable, though arrogant enough to provide delicious pangs of shadenfreude when life starts questioning her sure judgements. The dialogue is probably the best realised aspect of Acting Up, with very many funny lines and only an odd howler. The main narrative is less polished, and occasionally a bit woody, while the social observations, especially of the media world, are funny, if a bit sketchy, and most of the supporting characters have enough colour to add some life to the tale.


I feel like I am Jasmin Field. A critic, I always judge people. Like my mum, perhaps (I know where I inherit it from). I asked this to my mum, “Why are you so judgmental?” And she told me, “You can’t help being judgmental.” She was referring to the mother of her future son-in-law who criticizes us before. She told me she only wants the best for us…and blah blah.

Whatta great pretender (referring to myself not my mum). I don’t know what else should I suppose to say BECAUSE there’s nothing I should say.

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