I am Dave Ming Chang.

19 Feb

I watched Meet Dave, George of the Jungle, and Monsters VS Aliens on HBO a couple of hours ago and it was all great! Uhhhh. What can I say about today? My dad’s home right now and…yea, I feel so numb.

I don’t know if I should be ecstatic or if I should cry because he’s home and its his first night to sleep on our new house but then…I feel nothing.

Have I really changed for the past two years that he’s gone? Maybe because I know he’s out there and I know he will come back. And now that he did. It seems so normal to me. Just like any other ordinary days of my life…except for the chocolates.

Sometimes I wonder if I really learn how to become emotionally independent. I learned how to control my feelings and not the other way around. I wanted to grow up, to learn more about life, to be mature, to exploit and to meet new people…and I guess I am doing some of it.

I am really not exploiting. I am just observing. It’s been a few weeks  since I do people-watching. Somehow, I found it very interesting. Like you were watching a movie based on reality. And I learned how to choose people whom I can trust. I don’t say much of the things that’s going on inside of my head and I guess…I want to learn more of controlling my own feelings.

Since there were lots of people controlling mine, and I can say it was like I am Dave Ming Chang. One but many inside.

LOL It sounds pathetic. Don’t try to impress me geezzzz =))

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