19 Feb

My title sucks isn’t it?

I guess I’ve influenced some people (or inspired them perhaps) to make blogs. I mean…that’s so great and wow, I totally appreciate it. Though somehow I wonder why they even bother if it’s not their passion, or if they were only doing it to get the “points”. But I guess things were just like that. Sometimes, when we like someone we keep on getting their attention…and woah, I guess I was caught off guard. Seriously, I appreciate it. Not that I would admit it anyway. But hjzfhskldfklsadflfds yea that’s it!

Not that I am saying I was actually, “caught off guard” in a literal way.

But didn’t they know that this is something that I always do whenever I found myself alone, or when I am in a good mood to write stuffs about me, my life, my friends, my family, or even about my cats? Harhar very funny. *sarcasm*

I started blogging way back senior high school, when I met these so-called Poets (I wonder if I am still one of them, since I barely see them anymore) and then that’s it! And it was also the time when I started writing Confessions (which was totally gross when I think about it right now, seriously am I being punk or what?) about infatuations and lies and whatnots and everything that was totally disgusting. I hated myself afterwards. People made a big deal out of it when they read it from somewhere (because I printed it out…geez, did I want them to read it or what? I am soooo naive) . That’s when I started to doubt life and all its shits.

And I started to be more careful. To write stuffs with double-meanings. That’s what I am good at.

Though I don’t know why do I bother reading bout some people’s life and whatnots because seriously…it’s very funny and well, kind of held my interests. Because I can see myself in them.

Makes my day…”Mei day mei day! Sargeant!” Private Valentine ❤

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