Of being blank.

19 Feb

“So why are you not eating anything?” My mom asked me when she walked down here in the kitchen. “Is there supposed to be food on the fridge? I didn’t see anything consumable.”  I asked her, frowning because her statement means I am not eating well.

“Of course honey. There’s a lot of foods in there.” She told me while looking outside the window. “Uhhh. I can’t see it. Seriously Mum, where’s all the chocolates?” I asked them.

“It’s in the box just get some pieces and put it in the fridge.” My sister told me. How should I eat a melted chocolate? I don’t like chocolates which were not cold, or freezing. Or should I wait for ten minutes so I can eat it? And besides, I don’t see where the heck is this box.

Great just great. I am used eating so many foods at school (though I don’t have a lot of money) and now I am not eating anything that’s appetizing.

My mind was blank and I don’t know what else I supposed to say. Is there anything I supposed to say in here?

I wonder why they didn’t buy M&Ms. It’s one of my favorites.

I mean damn….what’s not to adore? I failed to see NeverShoutNever. I hate myself.

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