Full of mishaps and a broken heel.

25 Feb

No one’s listening. No one’s even paying any attention. I wonder if they understand what I am trying to say…let alone get my point.

“…because real success comes from the satisfaction of the customers.” I finished saying. I looked around. But no reaction was seen – except for that one boy lounging at his seat and yawning. I’m done reading a full 3-pages I’ve worked on overnight and all I got was a silent reaction from them. Did they even understand what I just said?

Perhaps he was right. Perhaps I failed to raise a good point, or perhaps they failed to understand it. Imagine, staying up late all night, thinking, writing, and correcting errors from your paper and all you got was a big X written on the board above your name, implying that what you did was WRONG. Totally…wrong. I’ve been misleading myself all along.

Can you imagine how it’s been an awful night for me…worrying about the quiz next day since I haven’t review yet? Then suddenly, when the time you’ve been waiting for has come…it’s not the situation you expect to happen.

Instead, you made a fool out of yourself in front of everyone. My face goes red when I heard this “You didn’t give us a concrete point!” For goodness sake, will my effort go all into a trash bin? Or did my work just become a litany? Or perhaps, it was all rubbish in the first place?

Part of me wants to pat myself and say, “Hey that’s fine! It’s good enough, don’t worry about it!” But part of me wants to question myself, “Is it really good enough?” If it is, then it won’t be criticize. All this time, I thought it was really good. I thought it was “off charts” but then that expecting-a-star-from-your-teacher didn’t work out. Instead, I’m the worst of the three.

Just when you thought that everything would be fine at the end of the day, terrible things comes on your way. Can you say how crapped up life is? I broke my heel while walking on the side street with so many bystanders – mostly schoolmates. I BROKE MY FREAKIN’ HEEL! It happened once before and I shrugged it. I thought a Mighty Bond would work but then again, I was wrong. I walked the rest of the way home holding a broken heel and…looking like a total moron.

Yet it all feels so…normal to me. Like this always happen everyday.

Like everything’s a mess…my life, my grades, my blog, my brain…and now what? My shoe?

Thats just how things are for me…TOTALLY GREAT!

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