Loft-style living.

25 Feb

I wonder what ‘loft-style living’ is all about. Just finished a book written by Sophie Kinsella entitled Remember Me….I wonder, what if all this time, I’ve missed a big chunk of my life? Like Lexi Smart who woke up in a hospital, and doesn’t remember 3 yrs of her life?

Like I got in a car crash accident (which is why I had a scar on my chin?) and had amnesia, then one day I woke up in this life all along…not knowing that all this time I am actually a daughter of some billionaire and they thought I’m dead. But that’s just a pile of debris (eewww), isn’t it? I can still rememer vividly the sad details of my life.

My mum told me that the scar on my chin was due to my clumsiness when I was young, I tripped over a basketball ball lying near the stairs and fall on my…chin (you thought face? thankfully it’s not!). Which is why I have two stitches on it, I still can’t bear looking at it…but I got used to the scar.

It’s my mark.

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