Master of Intellectual Thinking.

25 Feb

Pfft…what’s with the title anyway?

Our life was always filled with dramas, lies, secrets, and all other kinds of shits. But let’s face it – life is like that. It’s just a matter of time and strength for us to overcome those shitty things that’s happening on us. The absence of those stated above will make life boring since basically, what’s the purpose of life? It’s to get out of your own shit, right?

I can’t believe I actually learned something during one of my least favorite class before (but now I doubt that since I mainly enjoy it now due to the undisclosed reasons), it was about this line that caught my attention during the discussion. I even put a smiling face on my photocopy, how childish…

“If thinking is an intellectual response to a problem, then the absence of a problem leads to the absence of thinking.”

If you’re going to decipher it, you’ll think the one who said it doesn’t have anything good to do in his life rather than make double-meaning words or statements, or complicate things. But thanks to him though, there’s this idea that sprang to life.

He had a point, right? Our own problems/shits won’t be solved on its own. We need to make an action. We need to think. I remember when our terror professor asked, “What are these things in action you’re talking about? Is this like a basketball game?” Yea rightttt sir, probably it is. Sometimes I wonder if laws are implemented for “pilosopo” people. (Sooo random, what am I talking abt?)

Just think about it. Our problems enhanced our brains and enlighten our dead brain cells (I heard from a friend that a memo plus will trigger your dead brain cells, I wonder if that’s true…just sayin’). It made us think, which we don’t do often. Since we only walk, talk, and eat…but not think. That’s stressing seriously, I advice you not to do that every day…stating from my own experience. If you get what I mean, just LOL….Yeaa rigghtttt

Anyway, since our life was full of shitty shits. It made us a better person. It made us more mature. We grow up form out own shits.  Perhaps, way better than who we are before. But let’s not forget to smile, and be happy even if life gives us shits and stuffs like that.

Yet some of us failed to do that. Some of us chose to just end life and its shits. They failed to experience the art of intellectual thinking…like Angelo, for example?

Just sayin’. For me he’s ain’t a hero. Why? Heroes don’t commit suicide. They should be selfless and 100% after the interest of the people. Him? *$@#&*! He’s after the interest of himself and of his name…oh gosh I am such a judgmental one. I don’t even know him!

So yea, I should end this entry before I say too many uncanny words…


I’m random. I’m effed up. I’m…fdhfdhfjdksa.

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