Of ADHD again.

25 Feb

My cat’s an ADHD given that she/he (don’t know the gender) has been bugging me ever since I sat in front of the computer. He/she even pulled my hair out! Smart-ass cat…but also a pain in the ass.

He/she bite me on my arm! Though it doesn’t leave a mark, but I can get a rabis from it! RAWWWWRRRR

So I better be studying right now. Not doing “stuffs” in front of the laptop.

I’M SOOOOO LAAZZZZZYYYY. I can’t understand INCOME TAX! I hateeee it.


I’m still worrying about that Comprehensive Reviewer, how should I start? It’s due within 2 weeks! Oh…I’m not hoping I can finish it.

I’m the one who’s finished. I’m soooo done.

Shoot me. Ugh

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Posted by on February 25, 2011 in Meet the Geeky Dee


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