Of whatnots and beeshauns.

25 Feb

It doesn’t make sense, isn’t it?


The funny thing about blogging is, you asked yourself too many questions. You ask yourself, but then, how will you answer? Of course, you try to look…yes you look, but you failed to experience. You wonder but you never take a chance – that stupid chance served in front of you.

You missed two, no but maybe three? And you damned well know that the last one was far better than the first two. Its seven out of ten, you said. You rated it. You told your friend that, and she said “So how come you turn it down?”

Because you’re scared, you’re scared of the unknown. You’re scared of facing these shits and lies and dramas. You told them it’s nothing. It is nothing – if only you didn’t try to stop it, again. It will be nothing, if you didn’t take control of the things.

Of course, that’s how you were in the first place. Turning it down without a second thought. Oh, maybe there’s a second thought – but then your ego decided for you. So, how are you now?

How are you supposed to know the answer now? You’ve been asking yourself too much questions. You’re not exploiting and there’s a saying that “You should.”

Because “It’s the chance meetings that matters the most. It’s the chance meetings that ended up changing your life.”

Maybe, when you are ready, you’re going to say “Yes!”

How would it feel if you do? Who knows? The future’s near, you should think twice before you decide.

Don’t miss another chance. You’ll know when’s the right time.

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