What’s bothering jsfjkf?

25 Feb

“What’s up?”


“Why do you looked…bothered?”

“What’s the matter with that?”

“Is there a problem? What’s it?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Hey dude of course we want to know.”

“Yea we do…tell us.”

“What really happened?”

“I don’t know…”

“Tell us. Please? You can count on us – ”

”  – yea you can!”


“Okay. So I’m bothered. You’re right.”

“With what?”

“With…I don’t know, perhaps with everything?”

“Silly, what’s with that?”

“Ohmigosh, isitaboutaboy?”


“I’m right! It is!”

“So…what happened?”

“It’s my decision. I neglected him.”


“You neglect him? Is he cute or something – ”

“Shut up!”

“Fine, just sayin – ”

“I miss him.”

“Miss who? Gosh. Darn. You’re such a dumb sometimes, you know that?”

“Yea I agree. You let go of someone you…what, care?”

“No. It’s not that. I miss the way we were before…”

“But things change, then?”

“And people too.”

“Yea…I fucked up.”

“Me too.”

“I totally agree.”

“Great, so we’re all bothered?”



“You know what? Let’s forget about it. Move on.”

“Totally move on…”

“What’s up with you and your ‘totally’ words?”

“Shut up.”

“It’s annoying!”

“You’re annoying – ”

“Hey can you both please shut up, for once?”

“Yea sorry.”

“Well you deserved it – ”


“So…what now?”

“Perhaps I should…let go? Move on? Be happy?”

“Yeahhh riggghtt” *sarcasm*

“As if you can. It’s hard to let go of people you love – ”

” – especially your friend.”

“Is he your friend or something?”

“He’s a…friend.”

“Wow, that’s totally cool. You guys are obsessed!”

“Hey, I’ve heard that line.”

“From where?”

“Camp Rock.”

*Goes out*

“Where did she go?”

“I don’t know. She forgot her ice cream!”

“Come on, let’s dig into it!”

“What’s bothering her, anyway?”

“You’re so dumb sometimes.”

“Am not.”

“Yes you are – ”

” – am not!”

“Yes – ”


*Slams the door*

“You forgot your ice cream!”


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2 responses to “What’s bothering jsfjkf?

  1. rddekker

    February 26, 2011 at 12:16 am

    This is awesome! ❤ I think you're actually good with lines like this. Try to post some of this to facebook or fictionpress or something, so it will be appreciated by many people. Though…did you mean this? 🙂 YOU ARE BOTHERED WITH !&%*^%?

    • lotbuluran

      February 26, 2011 at 1:35 pm

      NOOO! You’re ASSUMING. It’s something that came up on my mind lately. I mean, I love creating lines on my head (imagining if I can be a script writer, LOL)
      I prefer to just keep it myself, apart from my blog 🙂 Btw, thanks for the compliment! But I”ll appreciate it if you will criticize too.


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