Oh, snap!

01 Mar

I think I fucked up.

Oh, sorry for cursing. But that doesn’t hold a lot of meaning for me. To me, it’s just like a word – like baby, mice, uhhhh poodle?

Anyway, enough with the dramas. You see, I don’t know what’s up with that big container of water doing outside my door! I saw it while I’m walking upstairs, and I guess it was delivered in a wrong room…It should be on Rm 201, not Rm 207 (ours).

So basically, I’m home alone – not, dorm alone I mean. I don’t know what I’m doing, study perhaps? Naaah. I’m too old for that.

Or, do that reviewer? As you all know, I’m still thinking on how I should start with it. It’s due next week and I haven’t done anything that has a substance.

“Remember: Substance over form” Oh, snap! It won’t get out of my mind. Yea yea I remember, it should be substance over form.

But how? Anyway, why am I stressing myself out with that paper work? Think. Think. Think.

I can’t think if I hadn’t eaten my dessert, there’s a bar of chocolate that I bought a while ago. I’ve read on a movie synopsis that there’s this girl who has a pretty weird habit. She eats her dessert before meal because she doesn’t want to regret not eating it, thinking what if she dies in choking while eating her lunch? Indulgence is first on her list.

Though I guess next time I’ll do that.

Whoever you are, whether you’re a girl or not (or not human), leave my friendssssss alone! I’m going to jinx you. Don’t make me.

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