Where’s totally, anyway?

01 Mar



“Obviously, it’s something…”

“No…it’s nothing, seriously…”

“Spill it out or don’t make me.”

“Uhhh, I am so stupid.”

“Glad that you realized that.”

“Am I really that bad?”

“I guess so, after what you did to…”

“Don’t say h** name!”

“Yea yea, right…”

“So where’s ‘totally’ here? I haven’t seen her.”

“Me too. It’s like, a whole week or something!”

“Yea, and I don’t want to admit this. But I miss her ‘totally words’. It actually made me feel better.”

“As in totally? You know what? I am here. I can make you feel better.”

“Yea, tell that to yourself – “


“ – oh! What was that for?!”

“Here I am thinking I should treat you an ice cream after what happened to you then now…you’re pushing me away too.”

“I never pushed anyone away.”


“Look, if you think I pushed jdshkjfld away. Well then, you’re wrong!”

“You’re eating your own shit, don’t you know that?

“At least its mine! Unlike you, you’re eating everyone’s shits.”

“I am sooo not eating their shits.”


“Fine. If that’s how you – “

“ – hey girls! Miss me?”

“Where have you been?”

“I just saw this dress on the mall! And look! It’s totally awesome!”



“Hey, why is everyone so quiet?”

“Ask that damn motherfucker – “

“Shoot. You guys upset?”

“We’re not. Look, I have to study right now…lots of quizzes tomorrow…”


“Me too. So, bye!”


“Wow. Everyone must be totally mad.”

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