Totally Zip!

08 Mar

I was reprimand based on the carelessness of my actions. I was eating Cadburry Zip inside the classroom during law, and then that’s the end of the world for me – I was being chastised for 1 minute!

I feel like I was punched on the gut and my face flushed out of embarrassment. I didn’t even bear to look at my professor’s face. It’s sooo embarrassing. It shouldn’t be like that. As my classmate told me, “Dapat nagtago ka. Ikaw kasi eh hindi ka namimigay.”

So maybe partly it was my fault, I know that. And I also know that they were eating too, not once but many times. This is my first time, sad isn’t it? I was caught on deer lights and I wasn’t expecting that. I thought it was allowed to eat since that’s what I do in most of my subjects. But then, who am I kidding? An attorney’s in front of me and he should know the rules…unfortunately, he follow the rules.

But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the Zip world for me.

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