When damnnation takes in.

08 Mar

Procrastination, that’s my forte. Remember that bloody hell of a reviewer I am talking about? Well, I’m gonna finish it tonight if I actually can …and besides that one heck of a difficult reviewer, I have quiz on my major subject – Financial Accounting II. Do I still have a time to brush my hair? Or my teeth?

Being a student is like a swashbuckler walking on a very steep hill. You must be careful not to fall, at least learn how to hold on the edge. And I am getting pessimistic notions that I wouldn’t be able to hold on tighter at the edge, it seems to fall off easily.

All I want is to graduate and pass the subjects with flying colors. But it was like as if I am passing gray. I never thought my 2011 Planner would be full with list of submissions on my paper works. I should know this is the only time I appreciate the merit of my mini-planner from Papemelroti.

This month actually sucks. Questions have been bugging me for the past few weeks and my brain can’t process well the information I’ve been hearing from school. I slept late at night. I never had a great bonding with my friends. And I missed the feeling of having a spontaneous life. It seems as if I am a living dead, lifeless. With no fun at all.

Will all these sacrifices be worth it? If not, then what the hell! Why am I doing this?

Good thing I’ll be up on the stage this coming Saturday. It’s the feeling I missed out about life before. The feeling of being able to let my music moved other people. The feeling of being on stage again doing something you really love ever since. The feeling of actually sharing what you have and the feeling of hearing compliments from the people you care about, or from strangers at least.

Last time I checked, I always update my site.

P.S. I Love You was a splendid movie! I never thought I would cry, though I may say the characters were bizarre and so was the plot.

I should go out shopping, I needed clothes to wear and shoes to parade on Saturday! Hihihi.

I feel soooooo old, July is coming soon…Yay!

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