13 Mar

Last night we went out @ Manor along Eastwood. We had a blast! There’s so many people out there partying hard and well, they look funny actually. I had a few cocktail drinks and mind you, it taste like juice. Specially the Scwheep soda I ordered, it’s a soda water and it tastes…bad.

I didn’t get drunk of course, I never did. I only go with them for a little chat and bond because I miss my friends so much. I miss times like this, when we danced together – but hey! Fe told me I didn’t dance. Haha how could I if there were so many people dancing? There’s actually no space, at all.

Before that Manor thingy, we attend our General Assembly for accounting students and it’s my first time again to sing in front of the crowd. I was so nervous I actually felt bad about my performance given that I didn’t give my best shot. Anyway, that’s okay. At least I did actually sing which I miss doing the most. And at least I sang the Demi Lovato song in Camp Rock: Final Jam! It’s Different Summers. Yipeeee 🙂

I love singing!

And errr. I’m not good at dancing and partying.

I suck. I guess no one’s perfect, right?

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