Of figuring things out.

13 Mar

I was trying to make a small talk. Trying to figure if things would work out somehow, not that things didn’t work out. But you see, both of us were always around our friends and that didn’t give us spare time to be alone. Except if we talked virtually, which didn’t help the idea of “figuring out if things would work”. Seriously, sometimes, I found virtual closeness an absurd thing.

Why? I’ve had few friends whom I talked virtually and helped a few of them, but that doesn’t deepen the relationship. Once you stopped talking, once you stopped sending messages between each other – everything stopped, even your friendship will slowly dissolved.

One day, you’ll realize that things have changed. It’s not the way it was before. It just happens, and it happened to me.

Its funny how you thought arguments can ruin a relationship, but no…once your communication ceased, it could ruin everything. Everything you build up for.

As I said from the other posts I made, constant bonding is necessary. That makes two people get closer together. They said that distance makes the heart grow fonder…well, I doubt that.

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