Ab-sense of time.

16 Mar

Can you imagine how proud I am of myself? I can give myself a pat, actually. Well, I am done writing another blog about marketing. Crazy niche isn’t it? Yayyyy. I never liked the idea of writing blogs about it, but sometimes I found it pleasurable.

I can’t even put another note on my planner because it was already full. My schedule is full of submission of works, quizzes, exams, etc. And our finals are next week! Great, freakin’ great. I haven’t reviewed on anything.

The good thing about this hectic life of mine is that after all of those sfjkfdhkdhfd (complicated whatever). It’s SUMMER TIME! Whewwww.

Though before summer time it’s the showing of Sucker Punch, and I was wondering if I could watch that with my best friend. It’s the first time we’re going to have a date! Yeeee :> I miss Pierre.

Btw, I should post this blog of mine before it’s too late and before I’ll sleep.  I still needed to read more than 20 pages about Share Based Payment and I hadn’t read anything, yet!

I sympathized myself.

Can I take a break for a minute? Too bad LouiSensei will call me tomorrow to read my freakin’ blog! Awww, that’s what you get for eating in Fior.

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