Litany out of my life.

19 Mar

I keep on writing things about my life or about life in particular. It’s funny since I realized now that my blogs were actually litany. I say too much, but I haven’t stated the main point. I confuse people much about my works, and I remembered when my professor told me I brought too many ideas and that is when I went wrong with my essay, I failed to focus on a single point.

It’s good to hear that your work was being criticized since you know where you went wrong and you can make it right. By constant practice, one can make her work better than what she did before. As for me, I’ve been practicing all my life to be a perfect person…a perfect daughter, a perfect friend.

But no one’s perfect right? It depends on how we define and see perfection. It may be by looks, by personality, or by money, or by how you described words, or even by actions. Who sees me as a the perfect one? I’ve no idea.

Like my blogs, I am confusing. Life’s complicated when it came to me. Or maybe, I’m the one who’s making it seem more complicated.

I made a litany out of my life. That’s where I went wrong.

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