What did the book says?

19 Mar

Reading. It’s been a while since I read a book and sip a cup of coffee. I, myself, am a philosopher of life. I have so many basic questions about life and no one ever has answered it. It’s not even in the books. It’s not even on history. It’s nowhere to be found. Simply because people cannot describe their experiences, they can never put life on a single book, or a single story. It’s diverse. It’s always unpredictable.

But one person made me realized some things about life. One person, though he doesn’t even know me, inspires me. And I realized, I am not the only one who thinks the same thing. There were billions of other people who suffer the same thing I suffer, but it doesn’t mean they felt the same thing as I am.

Though I wasn’t sure if it’s the book that help me become a better person, or if it’s the lessons that the book gave me in order to understand life better. It’s great to know that I wasn’t the only one who’s thinking the same idea, we both do. Paulo Coelho was indeed a remarkable one for writing those books! He made me realize so many things, and behind those, it made me a better person. Wow, too much of repeating the lines isn’t it?

I wasn’t a good writer. Paulo Coelho is. He put all those words in his books. His words simply explain everything I cannot explain to myself. What he writes, it isn’t about him, it’s also about the lives of other people he met. This is the reason why his books are applicable to everyone. That’s why we can relate on it, because we experienced it too.

What a splendid author, at first I thought his books aren’t that great. But whatever, I already read The Devil and Miss Prym and The Zahir and I can definitely say….zfjhskdhfhdkhdf wow!

More books to read. Yayyyy 🙂

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