15 Apr

The song speaks for me. Oh, what a bummer Summer!

What plans do I have? I’m not even sure if we’ll (my fam) have an outing next week (holy week). How I hope we have one! Why? Because we don’t have any class for the whole week! I’ll miss going to school. I’ll miss my friends…

Well…uhhhhh, today I don’t feel like doing anything. I just got home a few minutes ago!

PS: I am missing someone, or some people. Yet I don’t know how to approach or say I miss them.

PPS: Why am I pushing away those people who confess their feelings to me? FYI, I DON’T KNOW. Enlighten me please.

PPPS: It’s weird, a while ago while in the bus, there’s this man beside me who’s using a small knife to peel some apples. I got scared at this. I know I’m being paranoid and all, but hey! No place in this world is safe. He has a knife! Last week I heard a story about a scary jeepney incident. And of course, I got scared. But I’m always praying, and I asked God that if ever there’s something bad that’s about to happen to me, I hope it won’t be a robbery or rape or a car accident. I want a natural death, not a stolen one.

Kind of too many PS’s right?

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