Quick “Hallo!”

15 Apr

I learned some German words from my friend.

“Hallo (or Guten Tag). Mein name ist Lot Buluran. Und wie heiBen Sie?”

Translation: Hello. My name is Lot Buluran. What is your name?

Pronunciation: (Based on what she told me, or rather on what I thought she did)
Hallo – halo (cute haha)
Mein – meyn
Name – name (as in in tagalog, na-me)
ist – is (??)
Und – und (duh)
Wie – vi (the letter “w” in there is pronounce as “v”, weird right?)
HeiBen – heyzen (note: B there is not really letter “B” it’s a symbol that looks like “B”, it’s familiar and I don’t remember where did I see it…)
Sie – si (as in, “si!” or maybe “zi” ? not really sure)

Now when I meet a German. I’d say it! I am so proud of myself today. German’s a nice language, even though I don’t understand any of it.

Thanks to my friend, it’s really an awesome experience.

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