From Him.

19 Apr

Dear Future Girlfriend,

I’ve already come across many nice girls, all of them gorgeous in their own way, but like you, I am still searching. I don’t think it’ll be too hard, because I don’t really demand too much- after all, I am not looking for Ms. Perfect, I am looking for Ms. Right. Physically, you may be the simplest girl in the room, but there has to be that certain something about you that I find charming. It will be nice, of course, if you have positive attitude and an interesting personality. I hope that you can be understanding and supportive of the things I do and the things that are important to me. It will be great if you can make me laugh! There are no dull moments with someone that I know is funny. I want our relationship to be filled with excitement and surprises- I don’t want anything stagnant; I don’t want “just okay”. One of my weaknesses is the sweetness of a girl. If you can find a way to cheer me up after a long bad day, that would really make me feel good. I will also appreciate if you text me sweet stuff. I’d like to wake up to a good morning message from you, and go to bed at the end of the day after hearing you say goodnight. Another thing you should know: I believe that the best relationships always start from friendship. I want to be able to talk to you, be silly with you, and simply hang out with you. I want you to value the “friend” part of being my girlfriend. I also want us to share each other’s life, and I don’t want everything to be just about the two of us. I want our relationship to extend to other aspects of our lives, including our friends, family, and most of all GOD. A relationship will last only if we accept both the good and bad things about each other. Despite all the criteria I’ve mentioned above, I want to make it clear that I don’t want you to change a single thing about yourself just to please me. Losing your identity and turning into someone completely different is not necessary. Relax, I already like you, and I like you for who you truly are. I am looking forward to meeting you, and I know that one of these days, I will. I trust that we’ll find each other soon, and when that time comes, I know you’ll prove to me that you were definitely worth to wait.

Your Future Boyfriend,


Condolences for AJ’s family and loved ones. 😦 I feel bad about what happened to him. As far as I’ve heard from his colleagues, he’s been such a great person. I still remember the time when I am fond of him (I am a former fan, btw), the first time I saw him on TV I just know that he’s a good person and very kind and sweet. If I’d known him in person I guess it’ll be one of the good thing in my life, but sadly I won’t have a chance to meet him…well, except if I can go to heaven when I died. I hope and pray so.

God, please bless this wonderful man. He is very love by all…including me, even though I hadn’t met the guy. (Wut)

God…keep all his loved ones strong, especially his family and the girl who he has fallen for…the girl he’s been writing this letter to, which he hasn’t known at the time.

You love him God, and he loves You.

Spread the love ♥♥♥

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