What a bum!

19 Apr

Pay back’s a bitch daw. Look who’s talking. Well, it’s been two days since the NO CLASS day for us Bedans. But guess what? 2 days and no swimming!

Well, honestly I hadn’t swim for four years since I developed this kind of trauma in water… it’s a very long story. For short, I’ve seen someone drowned and died…and…I don’t wanna think about it. 😦

Sad but true. Anyways, I was thankful for these 2 days that God gave to me. (I should always thank God for another day of my life, it’s a miracle!) Two days of doing nothing, being a bummer, eating, sleeping, fighting with my siblings, watching TV, etc.

Two days that I’ll never get back. Now I feel like I am excited about school (Note: I shouldn’t feel that) and seeing my friends (this is the only good thing about school).

Guess what? Mum’s shouting my name at the other room, telling me to go in there and share a room with them so we can save a lot of electricity…whaaaatttt???

Btw, I should obey my parents, right? But what if my parents are manipulative? Tsk tsk. I shouldn’t think like this.

Rule Number One: Be patient and kind…like Love.

Wow…I really want to go to a place so serene.

And beach! I really want to go to beach. 😦

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