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I think I’m dumb

Oh well, haha. Another boring day yet I didn’t want to think of it as a boring day. Why? I wanna have some fun! Like, next sem I’m not going to take it for granted. As in I’m going to study harder and at the same time attend some gigs 🙂

Oh well, for sure its not going to be “real” fun because there were loads of stuffs to do and one week won’t be enough for me to finish with all those “school stuffs”.

Hayyyy, if only I have an inspiration right now 🙂 Jokeeeee! I don’t need one. I can survive on my own, after all I did survive 18 years being single!

Hahaha. But what if someone would come along in my life? Would I open the door for him?

Who knows? 😛 ♥

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Love is bullshit.

There’s no such thing as fairy tales. No Prince Charming who’s gonna sweep you off your feet. Why? Because soul mates don’t exist. It’s just some kind of bullshit that people invent. It probably came from the imaginations of those frustrated lovers who can’t move on. Or maybe, from someone who’s forever alone.

What the hell? I don’t believe it. But there’s a small part of me that’s hoping that maybe…it’s true. And I will find it someday, but not now. Not right now.

Oh crap, such a waste of time thinking about stuffs.

Just be happy now okay? Don’t think about the future, because the future is far from the present. And what’s essential is enjoying the present day.


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For a little while

I read the book you read. I watched the movie you told me to watch. And sometimes, I’m trying to impress you. So what’s going on?

I know the game I’m playing. It seems like you’re an expert with this thing. Though I know you could be serious, but you get boring sometimes. And please, I notice how easily you get distracted.

We sat beside each other, probably a few times. I’ve done things to you I haven’t done to anyone else. I’ve given more than what I could bargain for. And I know deep down that it’s nothing serious, that you haven’t gotten over someone special from your past.

I’m a bit selfish. I’m not willing to take risk, especially with this kind of thing. I know sometimes I misses you, and I stopped myself from calling you because I know it’s dangerous.

You’re practically a stranger to me, and yet I trusted you. What can I say? I easily trust someone…and I know we don’t have that great attraction to each other. I am really not that attractive, and so were you.

You just made me smile. That’s it. It happens for a little while.

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