For a little while

23 Oct

I read the book you read. I watched the movie you told me to watch. And sometimes, I’m trying to impress you. So what’s going on?

I know the game I’m playing. It seems like you’re an expert with this thing. Though I know you could be serious, but you get boring sometimes. And please, I notice how easily you get distracted.

We sat beside each other, probably a few times. I’ve done things to you I haven’t done to anyone else. I’ve given more than what I could bargain for. And I know deep down that it’s nothing serious, that you haven’t gotten over someone special from your past.

I’m a bit selfish. I’m not willing to take risk, especially with this kind of thing. I know sometimes I misses you, and I stopped myself from calling you because I know it’s dangerous.

You’re practically a stranger to me, and yet I trusted you. What can I say? I easily trust someone…and I know we don’t have that great attraction to each other. I am really not that attractive, and so were you.

You just made me smile. That’s it. It happens for a little while.

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