Unparalleled thoughts.

29 Dec

I kept on looking at someone whose eyes are not entirely focused on me, but rather on other girls around me too. And all he could give me were glances. Someone who doesn’t really pay attention to what I say, nor to what I do.

Or maybe I am just having false ideas of what it truly appears. I do felt the sparks they’ve been talking about, but as I have said it before, it only happens for a little while.

I wonder why, but when you see that person, you will be shocked because you felt something strange. And when he disappear again, all would be back to normal.

Does it mean that I’m kind of screwed up right now? All the guys I have liked before, its pretty much the same thing I always do: Ignore the butterflies.

I just can’t seem to go on with the flow.

I guess there is something that is really wrong with me.

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