26 Feb

Yesterday, my friends and I went out to have some fun. We drank a little, had a little talk, and during that talk one of my friends and I was invited to sit on a table with a few guys. Honestly, I didn’t know why did I do that because I wasn’t really the girl who would talk to strangers. Although, I know one guy there because he’s the twin of my friends’ professor, and technically he’s also a relative of mine. So, we were introduced to these two guys, namely Pao and RJ if I’m not mistaken. So, I sat beside RJ and introduced myself.

At first, I was so quiet and shy and when they asked few questions about me I tried to start a conversation with them. However, I made an impression of being a “goody goody” and somehow they always start to tease me of being a nun someday, ever since I told them I am a Born Again Christian. I tried to say, “Oh no I won’t be a nun and lately I’ve been inactive with the ministry”. But they still continued to ask when will I start to be a nun, or something like that. All in all, it wasn’t really bad for me. But I guess in their perspective, they thought I was this girl who doesn’t know anything about well, anything. I’m this innocent one who knows nothing about booze and stuffs. Besides, I’m also younger than them if age would be brought up and well, it was brought up.

Anyways, all I wanted to improve about myself is my ability to interact with guys and with new people. And somehow, I feel I’ve had no interesting things to say. Although during our chit chats, I somehow always managed to smile and nod with their stories.

We bid goodbye to the table when we noticed that RJ was kind of getting drunk, and I really need to pee. A few hours later, we went to Adrian’s place and just sing there, and sleep there for a few hours, and then we went home at about 5 in the morning.

So, that’s how I spent my Friday night.

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