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I am 19 now, so what?

What’s the difference of being 19 from being 16 years old? A few years? A few moments? Or a whole new self?

It’s been almost a year since I post something in here. Visiting this blog site was not my intention, it was an accident. I suddenly thought of looking back through my old posts and see what happened way back years ago.

I could say I grew up.

From what actually? From being an avid blogger, from being too insensitive, too narrow-minded and shallow. I could say I will like the new “me” now and it was worth having all those experiences that I had before.

I try to appreciate the smallest things that I failed to notice before. I try to think positively and see things in a new perspective. I try to accept people as they are and be nice to most of them. I try to stay humble and keep my guard up when I sense a trouble coming. I try to be way more patient to find the right guy for me and not regret it.

When I say “try”, it means I am doing it but not perfectly. I try to be the better version of myself. A version I would love. A person I would want to meet and spend some of my time.

I realize that we only have a few years to live and I should live my life on my own terms. I should try to make every day a happy memory so when I look back, I would smile from my own silly stories. And I am doing it now.

Tonight is one of those comfortable nights wherein I see the world on a brighter side. I am just so lucky to be living in a life free of any problems. So tonight, I am just happy. And next week will become a tougher week for me. It’s midterms already!

On a brighter note, 3 more months and I’m off to go! I’ll be graduating this March 23, 2013. See? It’s like four years of my life in college has been blissful. I am excited but kind of afraid to be out on the real world. I still want to enjoy my life as a student 😦 But I should focus my time on studying because that is what I must do. Can you believe it? I actually survive accounting for almost four years!

I should do better na. And I should end this. Byers!

PS: My eyes are a bit blurred. I might need a real glasses now. Hmp! I will lessen using this netbook 🙂

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