Small bumps

02 Mar

Happiness is an everyday struggle to find. You can be happy today, but tomorrow your fate might change your mood. You can hate on anyone today but tomorrow you might fall for them. You can be stupid but still you can recover from that incidence. We learned from the everyday lesson that life taught us. Events happen every second of every day. You might not notice that you are growing apart from your friends for three years. You might even meet new friends. But the important thing is what happens today, the reality of your world. We make decisions based on our judgement. Whether or not it would benefit us tomorrow. We must always take that into consideration before jumping into a terrible decision. We must watch our actions. You and me. However small these bumps are, when we fail to notice, might grow into a large one that’s really hard to heal. At the end of the day, I hope for everyone to find themselves and not become lost into despair because the world is so cruel and it must be destroyed. Let’s not destroy ourselves along with the world. Let’s be cautious.

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