20 Mar

I hate this financial burden that limits my time to enjoy life. I wanted to go to places, to travel, to explore and stretch my boundaries. Yet traveling is expensive. I know I am still a teenager. But I felt as if my teenage years was robbed off. I haven’t had the time of my life, I might have a few nights but yea, I am dissatisfied with it. I know I should be thankful that despite our financial crisis, my parents provided me with shelter and education. I was enrolled in a school with a high-paying tuition. But I face a lot of social pressures because some of my classmates are rich. And I am just this ordinary girl with no interest in expensive things. You see, money can limit you from what you wanted to do in life. I know, money is not just the root of happiness. But believe me, it can buy happiness. It can make you go to places, eat great cuisines, buy all nice stuffs, etc. Right? Or my opinions about this is somehow distorted?

Well, I must sleep now because tomorrow might be a big day. But hey! Do not over think please. Just let things go with the flow.

I am just depressed @ the mo. Is this a mental state or what? Hmp. Mood swings. LOL

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