We Build Our Own Cages

06 Apr

Just what I did, oh no!

Thought Catalog

We build our own cages and live within them because we think they will keep us safe. It’s like building a wall around our hearts. Some of us are internal about it but I think in many ways that safety net is legitimate and physical. I think we see something that threatens our being, confidence, any sense of knowing that we’re okay—and we set up a bar. We know to not go there again. But when we start living within that cage, and decorating its steel bars with pretty little flowers, we’re brainwashed into thinking that it’s the real, free universe. That’s the stuff of breakdowns. We stop building cages and start digging graves.

It’s like the fear of someone or something or somewhere just penetrates our psyche and we’re following that dictator like we have no mind of our own. Some call it irrationality. To the extent that we’re…

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