When you needed someone

07 Apr

Trust me, we all need a person to talk to. Just someone, even if he/she is not your partner in life. Even a friend will do, or a family member. Just someone, who would listen to you and understand you. Someone who would accept you, along with your flaws. There’s always that kind of thinking, that you needed another human being to connect yourself with. I’ve always thought I can do things on my own, not depend on other people, and make decisions based on my own preference. But there are times when I needed a helping hand, someone who I can rely to, whose opinion really matters to me. And even one person could be that. It’s true that no man is an island. And we’re all craving for that one person, who got our backs.

So I’ve had these thoughts for a while now. I haven’t been in a real relationship because there are always drawbacks and doubts sprouting in my mind even before anything serious had ever happened. There’s always me trying to be a “control freak”. When I know I cannot control the situation any longer, I would suddenly give up and take a step back, saying to myself that this should stop before it gets “there”. This is helpful sometimes, especially if the person you’re dating is a manwhore. But I’ve had my fair share of regrets. When I turned down the chance of a person I’ve waited for so long. Maybe I had enough of him before when I am still looking and waiting after him. Maybe when the dream you longingly wished for had happen, suddenly you’ll realized it’s not as appealing when you think about him in your imaginations. When your reality collides with idealism, it ruins everything. I may have let that chance pass, but still I am quite happy where I am right now. I promised myself that when I meet the person I like a lot, I would definitely give it a go and try if things will work out.

So much for my own promises. Haha. I wanted to fast forward time!

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